Tabletop Zone

Come and check out our Tabletop Zone

Gaming isn’t limited to what you can play on a screen, and Insomnia aims to be at the heart of a tabletop renaissance that is taking the world by storm (or, more accurately, by Pandemic).

Whether you’re a seasoned Carcassone veteran, or you’ve never rolled a dice before in your life, the Insomnia Tabletop Zone is your home away from home. Our experienced partners are on hand all weekend to guide you through a wide selection of board games from old classics to the latest innovations.

Board games not your thing? Prefer the thrill of activating a trap card? Our experienced staff will pilot you through games include Magic the Gathering, Cardfight Vanguard, and Final Fantasy.

Already know what you love, and want to take it home? Our partners will be retailing a selection of boxed games, decks, and singles so you can round out your collection without breaking the bank.

Fall in love with tabletop gaming in our Exhibition Hall. Tickets start from just £25+Booking Fee.

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